Metaphorically Speaking | Circa…Dit

2016 – collaboration with Frank Sciarone, Ide André and Anouk Mastenbroek – curator: Heidi Linck – Circa…Dit, Arnhem

Metaphorically Speaking was a research project questioning the authorship of the artist and the position of the artist as curator and exploring the exhibition space as a metaphor for always changing urban sites.

To create time layers in the exhibition space, I invited three artists to create a solo exhibition, asking them to use the space as created by the former artist and to add new materials and shapes.

After these three editions, I created a fourth and final installation rearranging, reshaping and removing the materials and objects the three other artists brought to the space.

As a parallel activity, all artists documented the changes on urban sites, which were published on the project website.

After the project, the transformations of the exhibition space and of the urban sites were collected in a publication.

During this project about transformations on urban sites, another organization commissioned a landscape architect to redesign the Roermondplein, also known as de Blauwe Golven by Peter Struycken. This case was subject of a public debate at Circa…Dit, in which alternative scenario’s were collected and discussed.

Download publication (PDF)

Summary of public debate De Blauwe Golven, September 8th 2016 (PDF)






Edition 4 and 5: Heidi Linck


Edition 3: Anouk Mastenbroek


Edition 2: Ide André


Edition 1: Frank Sciarone