Souvenirs van de woeste grond | Kunstenlab Deventer

Kunstenlab Deventer and Stichting Landschap Overijssel collaborated in a project for which designers would make contemporary souvenirs that would share stories about the transformation of the landscape in Twente and Salland. Me and Hans Jungerius were asked to collect stories by artistic research.

We both worked seperately and in our own way. I collected my stories by focussing on the human scale and studying voids created by disappeared objects in the landscape (a.o. disappeared farms, waters, churches). I interviewed local elderly about the geological, political, economical, religious and other causes that made these objects disappear. The research resulted in 40 merely unknown stories that were published on a temporary website and were used as inspiration sources for the designers.

Commissioned by Kunstenlab Deventer and in collaboration with Landschap Overijssel, 2013.

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