Residency in Russia | NCCA St. Petersburg

Kronshtadt is a Russian military naval base city on Kotlin Island in the Gulf of Finland. The city and the island were forbidden zones for citizens until the collapse of the Soviet Union. The past twenty years the site is undergoing Post-Soviet transformations which turn many buildings into useless objects.

However, by being useless, some of these sites became live creatures. During my residency in Kronshtadt I made an archive of sites were these transformations generated temporary or permanent objects with sculptural qualities. There could have been an artist at work to create these sites, but in fact it were the Russian army and politicians who shaped these places by neglect.

AIR Kronshtadt
Archive; website and video works.
LINK TO the archive
The video works are in collection of the State Museum of the history of St. Petersburg.
In collaboration with NCCA St. Petersburg, 2013