Secret Bunker / Geheime Bunker

The Cold War has produced many objects that have been abandoned for over twenty years now. One of them is this hidden bunker in the woods on the Veluwe. It’s owner, the Dutch government, has no idea what to with it. But artists have.

In 2012 the Artist-in-residency Geheime Bunker was founded to explore the specific conditions of this site as influence on the working process of the artist. The site is isolated by trees and a mould and the public has no access. Paradoxically, this secrecy is what makes this site so fascinating for our public. With every new project, the public adds new ideas and thoughts on their mental constructions of this site, which they will never be able to fysically enter.

Between 2012 and 2017 about 25 artists have been working here for 4 to 8 weeks. Their projects are shown in Museum 5VEP, a one-room museum in Arnhem. I am curator of both the residency program and the solo presentations in Museum 5VEP

Commissioned by: Studio Omstand

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