Synchronic Spaces

Synchronic Spaces was a curatorial concept in which the spaces of an artists initiative (Expoplu) were expanded and used as a medium for art projects. These spaces not only included the usual gallery, but also the flyers, the website, a catalogue, the streets of Nijmegen, a A4paper and the minds of our visitors. Each space was called  a Volume.

In collaboration with: Simon van Til and Ramona Kun Kuti

Selected artists: Brechtje Horsten, Justin Gosker, Bart van Haren, Miriam Fuselier, Katrien Ligt, Team Thursday, Joris Budel, Yorick de Vries, Alicia Bielawska, Lisa Vieten

Expoplu, Paraplufabriek Nijmegen, january – december 2010

Synchronic spaces