ROOMS | model project

ROOMS is a project in which I create architectural models with shapes and structures I observe in existing built environments. After creating the model I take it to urban or natural empty sites where I find micro-landscapes to create interactions between model and site: between two spaces. Making models enables me to make works that are a space and an sculpture at the same time. The viewer can imagine going inside without truly being able to enter.

The models come from my desire to make autonomous architecture: constructions without any imposed function and free from the restrictions and demands that my public space projects usually have to deal with. The public can choose (how) to use the buildings or not and when not in use, the objects are sculptures. Also, the models play with the question what exactly the art piece is in this project: the model, the in situ installation, the photography or the -possible but not necessary- full scale realisation?

In 2018 I will work on a series of models, which I aim to present in a publication and an exhibition. My website, Instagram-page and my newsletter will share updates about the work in progress.

This research project is supported by the Mondriaan Fund.