Sculptures in a military zone

Artistic research – photography
Concept for former military objects as public space sculptures
Commissioned by the council of Ede and Cultuur Oost, Arnhem

Military zones Ede
After three military zones (Mauritskazerne, Elias Beeckmankazerne and Simon Stevinkazerne) had been out of use since the end of the Cold War, they were sold to project developpers who would transform them into living areas for families. Three artists were invited to design art that would refer to the past identity as once military site.

Ready made sculptures
When exploring the sites, I noticed objects and voids that appeared as abstract shapes to me, since they no longer served any function. They posessed aesthetic qualities and so did the bushes as they had became giant by two decades of neglect. These objects, voids and bushes were sculptures already and I didn’t wish to add any new. Instead, I investigated and analysed their sculptural qualities and proposed to integrate them in public space by leaving them here as ready made art works, free from any designated function, but open for every new public use.


Sculptural objects (selection)


Sculptural voids (selection)


Sculptural bushes (selection)


The project resulted in discussions on the value of unplanned transformations in public space and, although modestly, influenced the spatial design: some of the objects, voids and bushes are still present in the public space that these zones are today.