Transforming military zones in Ede


Concept for recycling former military objects as art pieces in public space

Three military zones (Mauritskazerne, Elias Beeckmankazerne and Simon Stevinkazerne) had been out of use for years and were sold to the council and project developpers, who were going to create a new living area on these sites. They asked artists to design an art project that would ‘research and visualize the cultural- historical identity of these former military zones’.

Instead of adding a new art object I investigated the buildings and structures that no longer served a function and analysed their sculptural qualities as ready made art works. I then wrote a concept in which these former military objects would be integrated in the living area as art sculptures, without any function.

Among these former military objects and structures were the ‘Stinger-bol’, some small buildings, two excercise-fields and a selection of tall bushes. Allthough most of the building plans were already being realised and many of the selected objects and bushes would be demolished, the concept did change the minds of the developpers about some of the objects and today they can still be found on the sites.

Commissioned by the council of Ede and Cultuurmij Oost, Arnhem