In collaboration with NCCA ST. Petersburg
Artist in residency
Online archive of sites
Videos – Collected by State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg, Russia.

Kronshtadt (Кронштадт) is situated on Kotlin, an island in the Gulf of Finland, which is connected with St. Petersburg by a dam. Because of this strategic location, Peter the Great decided around 1704 to surround this island, which he took from Sweden, with forts and to build a naval base to protect St. Petersburg against invasions of Sweden and England. At the same time he built the city, where sailors and dockworkers would live and where docks and factories would be built. Until the 90s of the 20th century, the island as a military object was not accessible by foreigners and not even for Russian civilians without an official invitation. After the Soviet era, post-Soviet transformations began to slowly change the urban and landscape environments on the island.

Archive of sites
I created an archive of sites in Kronshtadt that I selected for their sculptural appearance in their envirionment. I analysed the sculptural characteristisc and qualities of these objects as the specificities of the site.

Former military objects today appear as ruins where people sneak in at night and where stray dogs and cats live. Many buildings are in decay, except for the biggest building on the island: the naval cathedral, which was a ruin during the Soviet years and has recently been renovated. During my residency, many buildings became abstract objects, as the ruins were camouflaged for the press and closed off for snipers in preparation for a visit by Poetin and Medvedev.

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The emotional state of an individual
DVD and Full HD
Projection, 270 x 480 cm
Black and white
No audio

The emotional state of an individual is a one-minute shot of shadows moving over the face of Lenin that change his facial emotional expression.
The Lenin sculpture (2,5 meters high) was made by an anonymous artist during the Soviet era and is in a park in Razliv.

Black and white projection
No audio
1920×1080 pix

Monuments is a double video projection in which two places in Kronshtadt, Russia, are interconnected. The left place is a communal clothesline, where an anonimous city resident hung four similar curtains. It is therefore a temporary monument. The other place is a permanent monument, dedicated to four Soviet submariners who defended Leningrad during WWII.