Geheime Bunker


AIR curatorial project

In 2014 I was invited by Studio Omstand for a residency in De Geheime Bunker (The secret bunker). This object is a dismantled NATO bunker that contained four engines that boosted fuel (kerosine) to military airports. The object was part of a big network of kerosine pipelines that are out of use since the end of the cold war. The bunker has been abandoned ever since.

After my residency I stayed connected to this site as the new curator of this AIR. The AIR that once started as a local initiative now has hosted national and international artists and has been supported by Mondriaan Fonds. However, we conserve the primitive conditions of the site: artist work and stay there without electricity and running water. They work without any preset or expected outcome and without any public visits to the site.

The residents can be found on the website