Industrial narratives


Public walking activity in an urban industrial zone

Industrial narratives is an experimental walk through an industrial park, the route of which is created by following my curiosity. This curiosity is awakened by places in the area that evoke the suggestion of an event or story. These are places that tempt to find out the real history, but to preserve the mystery, I do not do this. Back in my studio, I find out which route I have walked so that I can then walk it again with an audience.

On November 9th, 2018 I explored in this way the industrial area of ​​Zutphen, located on the IJssel and the railway. This area is in transition: the old industry disappears from the railway side to make way for new homes. Behind these immaculate, yet anonymous houses there is a wasted industrial zone with an astonishing mix of architectural styles. It is also a wild nature zone, because after the demolition of the factories and the old houses, the trees and shrubs have been left behind.

On November 22th, during the manifestation of the Gelderland Prize for Spatial Quality, I took a small group of participants to a selection of these sites. Each participant was invited to add other sites that he or she found interesting. True stories about the history of the places were enriched with our fantasies about, for example, secret functions of the buildings and events that could have happened on the spot.

Commissioned by Provincie Gelderland.