Abstract language

On both sides of a set of glass windows, polystyrene plates are attached by crossing lines of glue. Some of the plates have gone. I find these windows in the middle of a street in Visé (Belgium), a city located near the Maas river between Liège and Maastricht.

Through the aperture, I can see an abandoned disco ballroom. A disco that appears to be meant as a silent and even invisible disco.

As the building facades in this street are covered by a black substance, I notice the bright polystyrene plates from far. They look like abstract grafitti: a secret language of rectangles and crossed lines. However abstract and obscuring, this language expresses more about this site than usual grafitti would do.

The secret language appears to be alive: when I try to find this location in Google Maps, the Street View shows another message. So who changed it and what is the new message?


18-11-2016 at 14:05:08