artist-led walks

Nightwalk Mauritskazerne

Artist-led scenographic walk on a former military zone in transition
Approximately 45 minutes

This scenographic walk leads participants through an abandoned military zone that is being transformed into an urban environment. It is performed after sunset because of the atmosphere that is offered by the artificial lights. However scenographic, nothing is added to the site and the walk reveals the state of this site as it is. Elements of the walk include disfunctional objects, voids, transitions between nature and architecture and between light and dark. In combination with following old paths, the walking route is drawn over open fields, offering an alternative experience of this site. The script provides instructions to walk in silence, where to stop and what to look at and for how long, however, it also provides room for everybodies own sensations and perceptions.

“Notice the film-set atmosphere caused by the amber light. Walk from the lit zone into the dark”


“Notice the ghost-like appearance of trees and bushes in the dark. Notice their colours”


“Give your eyes some time to adjust to the dark. From here we leave the path and walk into this open field.”


“Try to imagine a movie scene here. Walk on when the scene is done.”


“Notice the light flickering in rainy nights and notice that it does not flicker when dry”.

The photographs and videoshot were taken on February 22, 2019. As this site is in transition, the elements of the walk are constantly changing and are in some cases disappearing. I consider it to be a living art work of which the script may change over time. I am currently making a printed publication of the walk as I scripted it for the first time in early 2019 in order to monitor the transformations of the site since then.