Woodwall in Rha


2019-2020 (in progress)

Globalisation, climate change and migration lead to spatial tranformations in which our landscape is challenged on such a large scale that local cultural characteristics are under pressure. Energy transition, water management, new residential areas and distribution blocks alongside our highways more and more dominate our environment. To avoid an overall sameness and protect local idenitity, it is essential to generate knowledge from the inside of our landscape on local spatial and cultural characteristics and values. This is why Stichting IJsselkaravaan asked me and landscape architect Peter Hermsen to generate this knowledge through explorations of sites and sessions with local communities alongside the IJssel river. Our research will result in 2020 in a landscape strategy and publication.

Collaboration with Peter Hermsen, landscape architect at Werkend Landschap

Commissioned and supervised by Stichting IJsselkaravaan