Artist statement


In our urban environment, planned architecture co-exists with spaces that are shaped by migration, transformation and chance. Abandoned, forgotten and overlooked, these spaces offer room for intuition, uselessness and unpredictability as an alternative for the architecture of our over-controlled built environment. They are changing continuously over time, as economical and political changes constantly reshape the city.


However unpredictable, these sites are characterized by voids: spaces that are no longer being exploited nor controlled. The order and predictability of the architecture are deranged by chance and surprises brought by nature, decay and renewal. This creates places where unexpected combinations of images and shapes can be found. They may have the atmosphere of a film set, but instead of fictional, they are real.


By traveling to and residing in urban sites, I document these spaces in my archive for spontaneous architecture. Removed from their original context, these spaces transform in my work into abstract, autonomous, sculptural objects, occupying other spaces.



Heidi Linck
May 2017