Artist statement

In our built and overly controlled urban landscapes, processes of vacancy, decay and redevelopment generate temporary sites. Here, the order and predictability of the architecture are deranged by transformations and traces brought by nature, degredation and unintended use. The site is in a state of transition, and therefore is not one, but many sites at once.

Therefore, I consider a place as a carrier of sites, that follow each other in layers by the passing of time. During this transition, the old site transforms into a new site and time layers get intertwined. Unexpected combinations of objects, traces and structures emerge, like in a collage. These sites have the atmosphere of a film set, but in stead of being artificial, they are real.

Sites like these prove that reality can be stranger and more meaningfull than fiction. In my projects I aim to disclose this very reality of a site. Starting with explorations and observations of the site, I perform spatial and public interventions that focus the public’s attention to their immediate surroundings.



Projects by Heidi Linck are supported by the Mondriaan Fund with a stipend for established artists.