Artist Statement



I believe that our interaction with the landscape is a continuous creation process of a drawing in the landscape, that can be read and which reflects who we are. With my practice as an artist-researcher I aim to generate new insights on this interaction and give new meanings to planned structures as well as unplanned phenomena, which both emerge from the human-landscape interaction. By inviting people to participate in the research in situ, my projects activate the audience to experience and read a specific site. 

In my projects I engage in a relationship with sites where planned architecture and unplanned alterations meet: unplanned spaces, such as abandoned buildings, wastelands, forgotten and disappeared places, raw urban surroundings and objects taken over by nature. These sites appear silent and empty at first sight, yet they are spatial environments where the Genius Loci comes alive as they are in a constant state of transformation. Layers of time and atmospheres intertwine to create unplanned, autonomous environments. Their darkness and silence resonate with, and offer room for, feelings of melancholia one may experience.

In my opinion, such environments, where reality is stranger than fiction, have qualities and powers that could never have been designed.  Therefore, these sites ask for art-based interventions that shape our minds in stead of the site itself.



From my wish to engage my audience as active participants in my research, I create direct experiences of the site by collective research and interventions in situ. To feed and exercise my autonomous observations I alternate my participative research projects in situ with my own, personal research through drawing and installations in which I reflect on the site outside of its context.

Both in situ and in a new context, the original site is transformed into a representation of the site by selective perception and personal interpretations. I use my studio for long-distance interactions with sites, a position from which I learn things about a site that I did not observe in situ. In my studio I create databases of drawings, objects and prints as raw data from my research on the Genius Loci of sites where I am not.