Artistic research is a field of research that is not well-known outside the arts, yet it is outside the museum where it can lead to change. From my wish to make art and art-based research more accessible and available outside the field of contemporary art, I initiated Academie In Situ. In this initiative I combine my experience as an artist, researcher and educator in a socially engaged art practice aimed at changing the way we perceive, give meaning to and use our spatial environment.

Academie-in-situ literally means academy-on-site and refers to my approach of our built landscape as an environment for learning.

Projects of Academie In Situ are self-directed or commissioned. The research is characterized as multi-sensorial and participative and integrates disciplines like art, archaeology, psychogeography and philosophy. Artistic interventions following the research produce experiences rather then objects. 

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The information on this website is in Dutch, but I would be happy to share with you all information you need about Academie In Situ and to contribute to your project outside of The Netherlands.