Curating activities


As an extension of my artistic practice I curate exhibitions and projects based on artistic research and interventions in situ.


Stingerbol Artist In Residence

Self-directed, 2020 – ?

The Stingerbol was originally built as a projection dome for training soldiers in using the Stinger mobile rocket device in attacking airplanes. Following my own project in this abandoned military object, I currently invite artists for a short working period and public event in the Stingerbol. My artistic aim is to activate this long forgotten space by offering other artists the possibility to work with its unique spatial and sonic qualities (darkness, echo, early reflections, being inside a white sphere…). My activist aim is to reconsider the future scenario for this Stingerbol, based on non-rational, subjective knowledge that will be generated by me as researching curator and the artists involved in this residency, as opposed to the commercially driven scenarios for exploitation of this object. In 2020 the residency kicks off with an experimental and pioneering program. I hope to be permitted to continue this project in 2021. 

Note: the AIR program is complete. Follow @stingerbol_air on Instagram for updates and future open calls.


Geheime Bunker

In collaboration with Studio Omstand, 2014-2020

Geheime Bunker was built by the NATO during the Cold War as a secret object, hidden in the woods around Arnhem. It housed engines that served to boost kerosine to military airports and was part of an underground fuel boosting pipe network. Its codename was 5VEP. After being one of the first artists in residence here, Studio Omstand invited me to write a curatorial concept and select artists for the AIR program. The absence of public, the isolated location and the lack of basics like running water and electricity were examined as working conditions. Among the artists participating in the program were Sharon Houkema, Ad de Jong, Maarten Overdijk, Rosalie van Oorschot, Willem Besselink, Axel De Marteau en Kees van Leeuwen. In 2019 the bunker was sold and the project ended with an exhibition at Studio Omstand in 2020. |


Metaphorically Speaking

Circa…dit, 2016 + Sonsbeek 2016 collateral program

In this project, in which I invited three other artists for a solo show, I used the exhibition space as an open urban environment: in stead of removing the art after every exhibition and cleaning the space, I invited the next artist to use the show by the former artist as a starting point for new work. Time-layers built up in the space, as they do in urban environments. In the end I did an archaeological research as a performance of three weeks, after which I created the final installation. In collaboration with: Frank Sciarone, Ide André, Anouk Mastenbroek.


Bakens aan het Water

Provincie Gelderland, 2013-2016

Bakens aan het Water was an art project in the landscape alongside the river Rhine between Tolkamer and Spijk, for which I was invited both as an artist and curator. Based on my artistic research in this landscape, for which I undertook many explorations and interviewed local (former) captains, customs officers, inhabitants and entrepreneurs, I formulated my curatorial concept and invited artist André Pielage and curating-collective Suze May Show to design two temporary site-specific art projects. My and their projects can be viewed on: 


ArtEZ Fine Art Finals

2011 and 2013

Curating a graduation show is challenging and interesting because the participating artists are not selected by the curator. They bring in their art and themselves as provided ‘material’ and the academy provides the space and context. From my believe that a curator of a graduation show should serve the intentions of the participating students, I interviewed every student about the intentions behind the work. Learning about where the work came from and artistic choices that were made, I could make the right selections of the work and install the work in such a way that it would be at its best. During the interviews and installation, curatorial concepts did come about in both the shows I curated. 

Found Footage students blog (2011) | Fixed Boundaries @MetropolisM (2013)


Synchronic Spaces

Expoplu, 2009-2010

Synchronic Spaces was a curatorial concept in which I collaborated with Simon van Til and Ramona Kun-Kuti in researching and rethinking the exhibition space. In our program, we extended the common exhibition space of Expoplu to public spaces in urban environments, but also to flyers and we also curated a show in the minds of our visitors. Among others, we worked with Alicja Bielawska, Yorick de Vries & Joris Budel, Team Thursday, Justin Gosker and Lisa Vieten and we participated at Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam. |



In collaboration with Sascia Vos, 2006-2009

Moira was an exhibition space in Utrecht where, unlike any other venue in The Netherlands, young artists were offered a working period and solo exhibition immediately after their graduation show. Without any fixed curatorial concept, we selected graduates from academies and post-academies from The Netherlands and Belgium based on our shared believe in the quality of the work and our curiosity for what the artist would do in our space. Among others, we invited Navid Nuur, Hedwig Houben and Bas Schevers for their first/ early solo shows.