Dag voor onzekerheid

Dag voor Onzekerheid / Day for Uncertainty was my conceptual response to an invitation to reflect on the Covid-19 situation in 2020 from a fictional future. The concept creates room in time and space for expressing thoughts on personal and societal uncertainties. A visual artist, a rapper, a spoken-word artist, a dancer and a director researched both the anxiety and strength that uncertainty may give.

My research brought me to cutting and collecting text fragments from newspaper articles on Covid-19 related subjects as uncertainty prophecies and conversation starters. I cut them in such a way that a new meaning was created without changing the original word order. Besides the projection-performance I gave every visitor and performer a card with one of my prophecies.

The interdisciplinary research culminated in a performance that included projection, singing, spoken-word, dance and rap and was staged in a former church.




Dag voor Onzekerheid


Commissioned by Cultuur Oost/ Thomas van der Ham.

Research and performance by Heidi Linck, Dani Apeldoorn, Ruben Chi Verhoeven, Lev Avitan, Irene Kriek.

Performance on 24-11-2020 Eusebiuskerk, Arnhem. Filmed by NNfilm.

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