The Dérive, originally invented by the Situationist Movement in the late 1950’s, and adopted by many artists, is an excellent way of exploring and experiencing a familiar or new spatial environment in a way you have never experienced it before. Guided by an instruction by the artist, you escape from the sensational triggers that our urban public spaces are filled with and that normally inform the way you perceive and move through the city. The Dérive can be done in any spatial environment: a city, a building, a specific site, or even in a small room.

Local inhabitants may get lost and discover sites and buildings they may have never seen before.

Spatial planners gain insight on how urban structures direct our behavior when moving through the city and may gather inspiration for their future plans.

Art lovers are offered an experience of the city which may give new meaning to the specific environment.


A Dérive takes 2 – 4 hours including a reflective talk after the walk. It can be booked starting from € 360 ex VAT for a group of 4 up to 12 participants.