Lectures and workshops

My lectures and workshops are accessible for everyone interested in creative activism in public space. They are especially interesting for specialists and policy makers who are working in the fields of urban planning, landscape architecture or public space art and who wish to challenge and inspire their approaches of environments and communities.

Beside standard lectures and workshops I offer issue-based consultancy and workshops in my studio or on location, in which we focus on your spatial planning issue to collectively design interventions that will challenge, inspire and enrich this process.


Art teacher and master-apprentice

I am an experienced and certified academic art teacher and assessor. After working as a fine art teacher at a Dutch art academy for four years, I currently teach art in my (or your) studio. Studio sessions are one-to-one or in small groups of peers and focus on developing your identity as an artist in making and presenting your work. We discuss your work and learning objectives and I will propose experiments to do to challenge your work and explore or deepen new directions.

In a master-apprentice collaboration I can help you getting started with your artistic practice or change its direction. Also I offer consultancy on maintaining your identity as an artist in complex projects and assignments in public space.