Being educated as both scientist and artist, my practice is a cross-over between art, landscape, archaeology and ecology. My projects are always site-specific and research-based. I work self-directed and I collaborate with organisations in the field of art, culture, urbanism and landscape as well as with inhabitants as local experts. In all cases, I take an independent and activist position regarding transformation processes in (urban) landscapes. By artistic research and in situ participatory interventions I wish to produce new insights and inspiring interpretations of a site, that disrupt the economic and political conventions which today direct spatial planning and our behaviour in urban environments.


Artist statement

I feel attracted to sites that are created, used and abandoned by people and where visible and unvisible layers of time are intertwined. Urban, industrial and rural landscapes offer these sites. Here, I zoom in into the human scale, such as a road, a field, objects and structures. On official maps, the sites I go to are often visualized as an empty area, if they are on the map at all, but when I find myself there I discover that the place is not at all empty. However abandoned, the sites are full of traces of human presence and narratives. In my conversation with a site, I aim to reveal these hidden aspects of it in my in situ projects, curatorial and educational activities. 



Focussing on the memory of sites, I perform artistic research, in situ interventions and driftings. Each of these activities inform and are informed by my drawings. My stay and on-site exploration are essential activities to investigate a place from within. In response to what I observe on site, I develop my own research methods for each location, in which I combine media and techniques, such as sound recordings, cartography, archive research, drawing, archeology and photography. The research reveals unknown narratives and unseen spatial characteristiscs, which generate new insights of a place.



Coming soon here is a PDF with a portfolio in English of a selection of my projects. If you have any questions about my practice or about a specific project or drawing, feel free to send me an e-mail