Narrative Perspectives

Narrative Perspectives
Five objects installed site-specifically (artist impression), wood, variable dimensions.

Due to Covid-19, IJsselbiënnale was postponed to 2021.

Narrative Perspectives is a site-specific and participative installation that invites the public for a scenographic walk in an ancient, silent beech avenue that finds itself stuck in an economic- ecological conflict, as it is situated between a highroad and a protected nature site. The objects in this installation each facilitate a personal meeting with this site from different perspectives. The visitor will lay down and watch the trees, sit on a border line and walk alongside the rythms of the trees.

By written instructions, the viewer is invited to see, hear and sense the narratives that are hidden on this site. I collected these narratives by interviewing locals. New scenes are created by reality: by whatever happens at that moment. In order to collect and document these new scenes, the viewers are invited to share their own perceptions.