Narrative Walk

The Narrative Walk is based on artistic research on local narratives on a human scale. These narratives may point to bigger narratives from history, but are at this human scale often overlooked. It are these stories that reveal the poetry of a site. The Narrative Walk guides participants around objects and structures that carry these stories. Ideally, both locals and non-locals participate together. The Narrative Walk may take place on an abandoned site, a building, a zone or any other built environment.


Local inhabitants are both the source and the audience for these stories, and a Narrative Walk is therefore an excellent way of activating them in a positive way in exploring their spatial surroundings.

Spatial planners get to know the site they are working on from the inside out, which adds to the map-based perspective they are usually working with.

Art lovers participate in an event that is both art and education.


A Narrative Walk takes 2 – 4 hours including a reflective talk after the walk. It can be booked starting from € 480 ex VAT for a group of 4 up to 12 participants, including the preparatory research.