The Stingerbol was originally built around 1990 as a projection dome for training soldiers in using the Stinger mobile rocket device in attacking airplanes. It has been abandoned since 2008 and up until now, there is no future scenario. Around this object, the World Food Centre and a new housing area are to be built. Until then, the Stingerbol is being managed by Stichting Stingerbol.

From my observation that the future of this object and its immediate surroundings is only considered from commercial perspectives, I have undertoken research projects since 2012 in and around the Stingerbol. In 2020 I set up an Artist In Residence, a programm for which I invited four artists for a short working period and public event in the Stingerbol. My artistic aim was to activate this long forgotten space by offering other artists the possibility to work with its unique spatial and sonic qualities (darkness, echo, early reflections, being inside a white sphere…). Four artists worked and performed in the Stingerbol, which they did not use as a decor, but as medium for their art.

In 2021 I will make a publication with the participating artists in which we will reflect on working in the Stingerbol and visualize alternative future scenarios.


Friend or Foe – Remco de Kluizenaar

Stingerbol Meditations – Sven Hamerpagt


Klang-Jagt – Ole Nieling

Schemertocht – Ienke Kastelein




Initiated and curated by Heidi Linck

Artists: Remco de Kluizenaar, Sven Hamerpagt (Project Wildeman), Ole Nieling, Ienke Kastelein

Supported by Mondriaan Fonds