‘t Huis over de brug | het instituut

The province of Overijssel was redesigning the N340 highroad between Zwolle and Ommen. As a straight line, may accidents occured on this road caused by loss of attention (‘slaaprijders’). They wondered what artists could add to the design of the road to make it more exciting.

I researched the landscape this road was leading through and I discovered several interesting sites in it. The discovering of these sites led to the conceptual approach of this landscape as a house with many beautiful rooms, where the road could lead us by. I proposed to draw the road through these rooms instead of drawing it as a straight line from A to B. One of the rooms I wanted to be part of the road I called the Iron Room, which was the power plant of Zwolle. Other rooms included a flower room and a forest.

Commissioned by Het Instituut, 2008