Metaphorically Speaking | Circa…Dit

Circa…Dit is a project space in Arnhem. They invited me as guest curator to develop a year program and select artists. I created the concept Metaphorically Speaking, in which the project space would behave as an outdoor urban site.

The project explored the continuous transformations of urban sites as a condition for artists to work with in a gallery. Every artist made a solo show, using the work of the former artist. Instead of removing the former installation, the next artist would add a new layer, just like how urban sites are created by layers.

The first artist used the work of the architect of the building. On a temporary research website, all artists documented the changes on urban sites in Arnhem. The project ended with a debate on De Blauwe Golven by Peter Struycken, on which the Circa…Dit building offers a direct view, questioning what insights from this research project could be of use in the debate on the future of this site. This debate would later be the start of an alternative for the future of De Blauwe Golven for which I wrote a proposal together with Struycken in 2017.

Metaphorically Speaking
Four exhibitions at Circa…Dit, Arnhem, curated by Heidi Linck
Artists: Edition 1: Frank Sciarone Edition 2: Anouk Mastenbroek Edition 3: Ide Andre and Edition 4/5: Heidi Linck

DOWNLOAD Publication (PDF, in Dutch)

DOWNLOAD Debate 07/09/2016 (PDF, in Dutch)

DOWNLOAD Proposal BLAUWE GOLVEN 2.0 HET ALTERNATIEF 06/09/2017 (PDF, in Dutch)