Metaphorically Speaking

Metaphorically Speaking
Four exhibitions at Circa…Dit, Arnhem, curated by Heidi Linck
Artists: Edition 1: Frank Sciarone Edition 2: Anouk Mastenbroek Edition 3: Ide Andre and Edition 4/5: Heidi Linck

The project explored the continuous transformations of urban sites as a condition for artists to work with in a gallery. Every artist made a solo show, using the work of the former artist. The first artist used the work of the architect of the building. On a temporary research website, all artists documented the changes on urban sites in Arnhem. The project ended with a debate on De Blauwe Golven by Peter Struycken, on which the building offers a direct view, questioning what insights from this research project could be of use in the debate on the future of this site.

Publication (PDF, in Dutch)

Debate (PDF, in Dutch)