Krot of Kans

Residency in Terhole, observations and proposal

Krot of Kans was a project by CBK Zeeland which researched the transformations of the local landscape in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. This landscape was in transition following the migration of inhabitants to other places and the plans to inundate the Hedwigepolder. Artists were invited for a short residency in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen to reflect on these spatial transformations.

During my field trips I selected 10 sites that I proposed to have monitored annually by local photographers for 10 years. These sites were selected by me because of the curiosity they aroused about their future transformations and included the Hedwigepolder, the nuclear power plant in Doel and a radar tower near the Land van Saefthinghe. The annually observations would make it possible to follow the transformations and discuss them with locals.

Commissioned by het instituut, Amsterdam and CBK Zeeland.