Ter Observatie

Personal explorations of a hospital building; photography
Commissioned and collected by UMC Utrecht

The academic hospital UMC Utrecht is a site that is in a continuous transition, driven by innovations in health care and architecture. Usually the renovation activities are hidden behind temporary walls and screens, as they would otherwise reveil a temporary state of uselessnes or suggest unsafety.

This research project went behind these screens and compared the building activities to the process of healing. I approached the building as one of the patients of this hospital and documented the healing of the building by regularly visiting and photographing the spaces that were under construction. I then shared and discussed the photographs with staff members of the hospital. The research resulted in new ideas and insights on the meaning of vulnerability, imperfections and temporary uselessness for this building and organisation.


A selection of the photographs was printed on 50 x 67 cm and is now part of the contemporary art collection of UMC Utrecht.

The project was discussed in Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde.