A site is a living creature that doesn’t die

Station Driebergen-Zeist is a site under construction: every day the rise of new installations and live-performances can be whitnessed here.

The site as a creature is being born again. The objects that constituted the former version of the site have been removed, after which the flat grounds were prepared for a new timelayer. When visiting the site for the first time, I observed the fundaments for this new layer being installed. A deep hole has been dug in which only abstract objects and structures emerge. Opposite to this hole, there is a big sculpture made of concrete, steel and wood.


The abstract appearances of both the hole and the object erase my memories about the former objects and buildings on this site. However, they made me realise that a site is, like a living creature, in continuous transition. When one object disappears, another object will emerge, sooner or later, planned or unforeseen.

A site is a living creature that doesn’t die.

52.065325, 5.259117
10-12-2018 and 11-01-2019