Mapping tranquility

In collaboration with Wageningen University and Provincie Gelderland

Mapping tranquility was a scientific research project aimed at innovating the mapping of ‘tranquility’ in natural and urban landscapes as a sensory-based perception. The project was initiated by a Wageningen University PhD-student who worked at Provincie Gelderland and he invited me to collaborate in designing and performing an expert-meeting with international scientists. In my workshop for this expert-meeting, ‘tranquility’ was explored and discussed as a sensory, non-measurable and culturally informed notion by showing a video of an ancient burial site that was disturbed by the sound of fireworks going off on New Years day. The outcome of the expert-meeting was a design for a PhD-research in which new methods for participatory research for mapping non-measurable perceptions would be developed and tested.

A site of ‘tranquillity’: an ancient burial site on the Veluwe, made visible by snow.