Heidi Linck (*1978, NL) produces installations, drawings and texts that are informed by space, place, migration and perception. Her work was included in shows a.o. Prix de Rome 2009 in De Appel, Amsterdam, Museum Arnhem, Stedelijk museum Schiedam and internationally in a.o. Berlin, Cologne, St Petersburg, Sidney and Rijeka. Beside her many temporary site specific works, Heidi Linck installed permanent sculptures in Dutch public spaces commissioned by local and regional councils and companies. As part from her artistic practice, Heidi Linck is curator of the Geheime Bunker project (an AIR by Studio Omstand) and teaches Installation Art at the Fine Art department of HKU Utrecht University of the Arts.


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Projects by Heidi Linck are supported by the Mondriaan Fund with a stipend for established artists